Why Should I Go?

The 2015 Florida REALTORS Annual Convention and Trade Expo is just 10 days away and today I’ll be answering questions that have been emailed to me and I’m calling it  “Hey Matey!” thanks to the email I received:

10.29.1Hey MateyWhy should I go to the Florida REALTORS Convention & Expo?  I’m not on a committee & I’ve never been before…so why should I bother? I hope you can give me an honest answer.  ~ Working Florida REALTOR

Hey Working Florida REALTOR ~I hear this all the time and I’m smiling as I answer because I asked the same question many, many years ago.  The answer I got was: It will enhance your business.  Well that didn’t seem like a good enough reason then…but this is now 2015 so here goes my “honest” answer:

1.  So what that you’re not on a committee.  Who cares?  Almost all, and I mean almostraised hands all, committee meetings are open to all Florida REALTORS members.  There are very few  exceptions ~  Executive, Nominating, Past Presidents and Finance. Before I was elected and became an officer, I went in and out of almost all committee meetings and it is amazing what you can learn….for your business and for your education.

Dollar sign2.  You can’t afford it…wrong…yes you can!  All governance meetings, whether it is the convention meetings in August or the Mid-Winter meetings in January, they are free…yes free to all members. Full Convention access in August costs money but the Trade Expo is free for two days!  The hotel costs money.  Double up, someone you know is going and most rooms have 2 beds.  So share with a friend, make friends ~ share the costs. Food costs money.  Hey, there are plenty of fast food places and grocery stores all around the hotels.  Split meals with a friend, most portions are huge in hotels and restaurants, sharing is commonplace now. OK ~ so much for hotels and food.

3.  Go out and meet people.  What a great way to network. Long ago I would see a largeHandshake group and think that I don’t know anyone, but you would be surprised, REALTORS are very friendly.  Tell someone it is your first time, ask what do they recommend and you will probably get TMI….too much information.  Florida REALTORS Staff is awesome, they will help you find anything, anywhere ~ just ask.

4.  And last but not least, (because I am saving some for another blog) you will learn, meet new people, maybe work some referrals, and find out what committees you will want to be on in the future and who knows…enhance your business! And before you know it, you will be the “experienced” Florida REALTORS committee member  or chairman or even the next up and coming officer and someone will ask you: So Why Should I Go?

Have a question?  If I don’t know the answer, I’ll find it for you.  Contact me: Matey@Veissi.com

REMINDER: Tomorrow, Tuesday, August 11th is the final day to register online after that all registrations will be done on-site…just do it!

Let’s make this a great year – let’s be extra good to each other…let’s be REALTORS®.

Until Next Monday…Monday Mornings With Matey

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2 Responses to Why Should I Go?

  1. Em Weiner says:

    On target Matey. Not only will the meeting enhance your business but you will make friendships that will enrich your life.

  2. Why should we go? Because it matters! See you there!

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