How much do you care?

Coach1I have noticed that more and more professions, businesses, students, schools and universities are hiring coaches and not just for sports…but for every walk of life.  These coaches, teach, inspire, push, admonish, yell, and sometimes get physical with the people they are hired to develop and succeed in whatever walk of life they come from.  I was just reading an article in the Miami Herald sports section about the most successful coaches and of course, Don Shula of the Dolphins and John Wooden, UCLA Basketball were two of the standouts plus a variety of other male and female sports coaches.

Think of your real estate business, many REALTORS hire coaches to help develop their potential in our industry.  But stop and think…how many of us are coaches in our everyday lives?  We sell, manage, rent and advise on real estate for our customers.  We coach our Realtor logocustomers on the industry, the economy, the school system, the neighborhood, the retail, and commercial areas.  The most interesting quote I read was from one of the most successful female basketball coaches, adapted from John Maxwell: “They don’t care how much you know, unless they know how much you care” ~ Pat Summitt, University of Tennessee, NO other coach, male or female won more NCAA basketball games than she did.  We do this in our business, we care about our clients, because if we don’t, no more referrals, no more repeat business.  So think about this as you go along in your everyday business: we need to care just a little more about our industry, our fellow REALTORS and our customers.


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One Response to How much do you care?

  1. Brian Madsen says:

    Great Article …. What I lack in knowledge , I pick up in caring about my clients. The knowledge always can be learned… caring about people however is more of your personality. Hopefully with the right up bringing , morals and values this comes Free.

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