Tools for Success!

In this day and age we, as REALTORS, have so many tools to help us market ourselves, our properties and our areas, along with several  to help us keep safe.

MV1I used to use the old style lockboxes for my listings, I now use the electronic ones. They are safer and you know who is showing your listings and just not giving out the combination to the world.  MV2ShowingAssist helps us make appointments easier. RPR allows us to leverage our listings and public record information across your market area and the country. There areMV3 safety applications, like bMonitored, so someone is monitoring MV4our appointments and showings in this day and age. Places to purchase your domain name, websites to market our listings, ourselves and our areas. Language translation apps to translate information about our market area and listings to international countries. MyCondoPlans MV5in specific areas to see condo & home floor plans prior to showing. All of these tools and
MV7many more aid us in our ultimate goal: to market ourselves and our listings.  I could go on for days listing all these tools e have available.  So my Fellow REALTORS, there is a veritable feast of applications and tools to help each and every one of us to achieve our goals in our industry…take advantage…use them!

Until Next Monday…

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