Professionalism with a Capital P

Showing Instructions Mean Professional Responsibility.    Has this ever happened to you: I pull up a listing on the MLS that meets my buyers criteria and decide to show the property, it then takes me days to either get an appointment or to just get thecall me back   listing agent to call me back!!   Why?  Are the listing agents too busy?  Or do they just not want to sell the property?  One supposed agent I recently contacted was also selling security systems, I say supposed because his name was not on the MLS but was in the broker remarks to call.  He confirmed and never did show up. Doesn’t he have a responsibility to the seller to show up for appointments and help facilitate the sale of the property?  Doesn’t he have a Professional responsibility to contact me if he can’t make the appointment?

call me back2One property I tried for 4 days and 6 calls to get an agent to call me about an appointment.  I finally had to call the manager to get the agent to call me.  She says,”I’ve been showing the property multiple times over the last few days”.   I don’t understand, she couldn’t return my call  so I could show the property?  Why take a listing if you aren’t going to cooperate and show it so that ultimately the property sells?  Isn’t that the idea?  Responsibility, no one seems to be responsible anymore….responsible to the owner, to your fellow agents or maybe I should use the dreaded word….our Profession, after all that’s what it comes down to, being a professional in the real estate Profession.

I think many of us don’t believe we work in a Profession, hence we may not be whyProfessional. So we don’t return our calls in a timely fashion, we don’t cooperate and we certainly don’t care enough about each other in our Profession!  I am not sure why we call it a Profession if we aren’t Professionals!  How do we change this to Professionalism with a capital P?  Way back when we used to refer to this as just plain old good manners and good business practices….Thoughts?

Until next Monday….

Monday Mornings With Matey

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2 Responses to Professionalism with a Capital P

  1. Bob Willmarth says:

    Sounds not only unprofessional, but perhaps unethical as well. Not only spirit of MLS violated, but perhaps listing broker’s duty to client to get best price.

  2. Ron Cornette says:

    As you may remember, I have been a subscriber (and a fan) of yours for a long time. Because I sometimes share your bits of wisdom, some agents want to subscribe, and I am not sure what email address I should give them. Thanks. See you at the convention!

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