Call For Action

Most of us do not answer a “Call For Action“.  Sometimes I wonder if we understand how important it really is.

Call for Action

Realtor Party - Act

Back in 2002, a sales tax on services was to be put on the ballot in Florida and at that time, we had no advocacy funds, no real avenue to overturn the tax. Can you imagine what it would have cost each of us to have a sales tax on our commissions?  Jeb Bush was Governor at that time, and the REALTORS sued the State of Florida to have it removed.  Florida REALTORS had a “Call For Action” and so many came out in opposition to this being placed on the ballot, and that  combined with the Supreme Court of Florida voting 3 to 2 against…at the eleventh hour, this was removed from the ballot. There is no question in my mind that the Call For Action greatly bolstered our position in this specific area.

Call for Action 2

Our voice does matter and  I liken this aspect to the great children’s writer, Dr. Seuss, in his “Horton Hears A Who”.  This is a story about every one’s voice does count and small/big worlds can be changed if you just speak up.  So my Fellow REALTORS, please make the effort to sign up for Calls For Action, your voice does make a difference!

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