Code of Ethics…and More

Code of EthicsThis past weekend I attended District 4’s conference.  All four Associations were very engaged as to current topics, but the one most interesting was the aspect of having the Code of Ethics as 3 credit hours, approved by the State of Florida – thereby making it easier for REALTORS to achieve the 2 year mandated by NAR.

Another topic was the use of drones.  This is gaining interest rapidly as a way to showcaseDrone your listings, however, the use has not been approved under federal law.  I am sure when it does receive approval, the federal government will (but of course) tax, in some way shape or form the use of drones.

June 1Today is the beginning of June, and we are almost through the half mark of 2015.  Have you gone back and checked your business plan, goals and are you on track?  Now is a good time to right your course in case you have veered off even in the slightest sense.

I do wish to apologize to all our current, active, past and retiredMemorial military personnel for not mentioning Memorial Day last week.  I meant no disrespect, on the contrary, our middle son, is retired US Army. We owe all of them a tremendous debt of gratitude for their service.

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