We are making a difference

As I write this, I just returned from our Nations’s Capital: Washington, D.C.  I do love to visit as I was born there, but more importantly, those of us REALTORS that attend NAR’s May meetings are there to lobby our legislators.  We have talking points: areas of concern for private property rights not only for our consumers and clients but for ourselves as homeowners.

  • MID – Mortgage Interest Deduction                                    RPCTE Button
  • Financing difficulties
  • Transportation/gridlock
  • NFIP – National Flood Insurance Program
  • Commercial 1031 Exchange.

Every single one of these are extremely important to our clients and consumers.  It was interesting that one of our Congressmen made the comment that as far as transportation gridlock goes in our larger cities, it is difficult to fund these areas as some of the funding comes from gasoline tax and with the onset of electric cars and hybrids, there are many that are not consuming gasoline as they used to so the funding may have to come from elsewhere.  In all of my lobbying efforts, I had not even thought of that.

So my fellow REALTORS, we are making a difference – with our RPAC funds – our efforts in our nation’s capital and our states’ capitals – but we need to work harder than ever so that our voice is always heard.  So until next week, remember our nation’s heroes in protecting our country and be good to each other.

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