The Fat Lady Never Sings!

You know the old saying that When the Fat Lady Sings it’s Over

Fat Lady sings

NOT in real estate.  Stop and think: you have a customer, you have them pre-qualified, you research, find the properties, show all the properties, do more research.  Show more properties, do more research as what they said the first two  times was nothing like what they finally settled on.  Offer is written, maybe it is countered and if so you are back where you started, but eventually contract is signed and executed.  Now inspections, appraisal, and more negotiating over inspections and appraisal.  Finally, closing takes place. Does the Fat Lady sing now? NO! Now you have to keep track of that customer, so when they want to buy more real estate or sell what you helped them buy or they are referring you to their friends and family.

There is always more work to be done.


So my fellow REALTORS, now that I think about it, the Fat Lady Never Sings in Real Estate if we are diligent in our efforts…it never ends!

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