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signI showed one of my listings last week.  The agent was from a large company and his Buyers loved the property.  He sent me an offer which my Sellers countered and we were all in agreement…just awaiting the signed initialed contract.  The contract comes back in and now it is with a different agent, different company but with the first company’s logo on the contract. So I proceeded to ask what was going on. Was he giving away his commission?  But of course not, he was moving to another company he told me (they were probably giving him a bigger split). I proceeded to tell him that he and12.3.2 the original company were the procuring cause and that all of us could have problems, as he was still licensed with the original company when the first contract was presented.  You might have guessed the result, his Buyers said the house just didn’t quite fit them anymore (I am sure they were given an amazing explanation from him).  Just thought I would FYI in case something like this happens to you…just shaking my head!

On another note, two US Senators are trying to extend the Debt Forgiveness Act retroactive 2015 thru 2016.  In Florida, four metropolitan areas are the highest with negative equity nationwide.  This will be interesting to see if it goes all the way through Congress.

So my fellow REALTORS: have a wonderful and productive week!

Until Next Monday…

Monday Mornings With Matey

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