If Not Us…Who? If Not Now…When?

Sunday I packed my suitcase and traveled to Florida’s capitol, Tallahassee, for Great American REALTOR Days – GARD.


Why do we REALTORS, travel to Tallahassee? First and foremost, so that our Florida legislators know we are there and know that we are protecting private property rights.  SadowskiThere are many issues we as REALTORS are passionate about.  In the editorial page of the Miami Herald today, the Sadowski funds were mentioned.  In fact, the editorial said and I quote, “Hands off the Sadowski funds”. It went on further to say, that the legislators should stop taking revenues that were meant for one specific purpose and diverting it to general revenue.  Sadowski funds are specifically for affordable housing…and overall the Florida legislators have taken almost $2Billion.  Amazing – think of all the housing that could have been renovated and/or built. There is Tax
sales tax on commercial leases that is tremendously important and there are multiple other issues we address as we converge on Tallahassee.  We travel at our own expense and on our own time to represent our profession.  There is a saying that I always think of that I heard during a John F. Kennedy speech…“If not us..Who? If not now…When?”

So my fellow REALTORS, let’s be extra good to each other and hopefully, I will see YOU in Tallahassee!

Until Next Monday,

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