Identify and Evaluate

checklistWhen we begin working with buyers and showing them homes, how can we best help them evaluate properties before submitting an offer? After 30 some years of selling residential real estate, I have found there are many potential issues that we can help our buyers identify and evaluate as they view homes.

  • As you approach a home, does the yard slope down to the home? If so, there may be drainage problems with the property.
  • How old is the roof?  Depending on what type of roof covering, you can generally tell roofs
    how long a roof will last.
  • Does the home have circuit breakers or fuses?  Fuses are older and may not support many of today’s modern appliances.
  • Does the bathrooms and kitchen have GFI outlets? These are designed to protect us from electrocution – GFI’s are required by the electrical code for receptacles near water: in bathrooms, some kitchen GFIreceptacles, some outside receptacles, and receptacles near swimming pools.
  • Is the landscaping too close to the home? Large trees too close to the home could cause problems with the home’s structure.

These are just some of the questions that can help our customers better evaluate properties…helping them save time and money.

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One Response to Identify and Evaluate

  1. Errol Greene says:

    Good article with some cautions.

    Without proper city/county licenses and other certification we must also be careful what comments we make concerning roof, plumbing, wiring &c.

    Once we comment on a roof we’re taking responsibility for it. And so forth.

    Also, whom are we representing and to what degree?

    Again, good article, caveats are important.

    Errol Greene (I’ve got 47 years in real estate)

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