What Is a Professional?

Professional3Interestingly, REALTORS believe themselves to be professional. But what is a professional?  Is it excellence, efficiency, good judgment, integrity?  Yes, it is all of these and more.  Where do we learn to be a professional? Can we obtain it from a book, by going to seminars, classes, does being a professional come with our license?

I firmly believe that professionalism comes from education and example.  There areProfessional4
reams of paper, books written about it, there are seminars to attend…all helping us to become a professional.  There are examples in our profession – professionals we can emulate.  There are so many sources and resources to aid us in our quest to be more professional.

But do enough of us want to be professional?  That’s the question.  In my 30+ years in the real estate industry, I have observed tremendous examples of professionalism, and many more examples of those that really need some instruction to learn to be more professional.

Professional1There are more examples of non-professional REALTORS than there are examples of a true professional REALTORS.  We need to learn. We need to raise the level of our profession.  I often remember what my youngest son said, “if you talk the talk, you have to walk the walk”.  So my fellow REALTORS, let us try to encourage all to be more professional, through our talk and actions.

Until Next Monday,

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