Raising the Value of a Home

I have recently read several ways to raise the value of your home…or more importantly your customer’s homes.

SmellSmell is a huge factor in selling a home.  Pets, mildew, mustiness and cooking odors – they can all turn off even the least picky buyer.  Solutions? Open windows as fresh air can most of the time clear many odors out, unless they are pet odors or mildew – those need to be eliminated.  Pets can be sent to relatives, mildew can be taken care of.  Remember: Too heavy air fresheners tend to make the buyers wonder what you are hiding.

Is the home clean?  Sometimes as a homeowner, we overlook many aspects of our home,Screen Shot 2015-02-01 at 9.45.35 PM
a little dust never hurt anyone, except if Ms. Clean comes through the property with her white gloves or just her hand over a table top.  They then wonder how well you have maintained the property.

clutterToo much stuff, clutter, collections of objects that we love or our sellers love, make the home look small. Less is More.  Rent a storage unit, be a minimalist and the property will sell much faster.

A little mulch, a few flowers, fresh paint, preferably beige or paintwhite, (yes I know beige and/or white is boring) but they make the rooms look bigger.  So these are but a few ideas, that don’t cost much, but can sometimes make a difference in selling price.


Until Next Monday…

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