Walking a Walk-Thru

What’s a Walk-Thru?  In residential sales, the day before or the day of the closing, the Buyer with their REALTOR walks through the property to make sure it was just like it was when the Buyer made the offer.  That means the exact appliances, chandeliers, and whatever else was stipulated in the sales contract.  I have done a walk-thru where appliances were switched, chandeliers were taken or replaced with something else. take a picture Amazing, isn’t it that these things can and do happen?  I take pictures of the appliances and anything else that is to remain.  Now we have a record of what should be there when the Buyer takes possession. Make sure the Seller excludes any items they wish to take with them.

serviceI have been to some closings where I was the listing agent and I asked when the Buyer wanted to do a walk thru and they said no. Once the property closes there isn’t much you can do if something isn’t what it is supposed to be.  If an appliance is switched or a chandelier has been taken down, there isn’t much recourse.  So protect your Buyer or Seller, that’s what service is all about.


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