Sometimes we just forget…


Florida, from one end to the other, it is truly beautiful.  And as REALTORS, our real estate market has appreciated more than any other markets.  When they are buried in snow up north, we are hanging out at the beach, by the pool or just enjoying the sunshine.   Our proximity to all of Central and South America, Europe and beyond, our state plays host to them all.  Our climate: Our foreign visitors, love our climate!  Our real estate, our stable economy, and our freedom: Our foreign visitors love it!

Sunshine State

Interestingly, we complain, about traffic, languages, cost of living, marketplace, and yet… our visitors keep coming.  What do they know that we have forgotten?  So my fellow REALTORS, we truly do live in paradise…sometimes we just forget it.

Florida map

Until Next Monday…

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One Response to Sometimes we just forget…

  1. David Brewer says:

    Amen, Matey. Amen!

    David Brewer

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