Make every day a Thanksgiving…

As we get closer to Thanksgiving, I want to thank all my readers, from Florida and outside of our state.

Thank You

  • Thanks for your comments, for reading my rants, my risk management, thanks for you.
  •  Thanks to my family who puts up with me as I travel.
  • Thanks to my local Association, Miami, they have encouraged me all along the way, always positive and always reinforcing all that I do.
  • Thanks to my State Association and all the members and non members that I have met along the way and for their comments and remarks and sharing their lives with me.
  •  Thanks to our Florida Leadership team for all the work and travel they did this year.  We all benefited from it.
  • A special thanks to a small little dog and his owner, who kept my blog entertaining and positive, and for always making me smile.
  • Last but not least, thanks to my husband, for his advice and love throughout the years.

And so my fellow REALTORS, make every day a Thanksgiving day!

Until next Monday…

Matey sig

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4 Responses to Make every day a Thanksgiving…

  1. Sandy Sauer says:

    Thank you for ALL you do for us!!!

    • Matey Veissi says:

      Thank you. Together we all can make a difference

      Matey H Veissi,CRS,CIPS Veissi & Associates,Inc. 7800 Red Road,Ste. 301 Miami, Florida 33143 305 665 9299 Sent from my iPhone


  2. And thank you for you Matey!!

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