Gen Y – The Millennials

For the last three weeks, I have spoken about the different generations and basically how to deal with them.  In the real estate business, we need to know the different characteristics in order to develop a relationship with our Buyers and  Sellers in this marketplace.The last generation is the Ys.


This generation was born between 1980’S  to 1990’s.  As a generation, the Ys are the fastest growing in business and as the business leaders.  Many businesses  are trying to learn about the Y’s to better to understand them and build them into their employee base.

  • You will never see a Y without their smartphone, laptop, tablets and any other gadget that is popular now.  It is an essential part of their make-up.GenY5
  • They do not communicate the old fashioned way.
  • They text and utilize social networks.
  • They tend toward companies that are techie and at the forefront of all new technology.
  • They want flexible working schedules and a more rounded work/personal lifestyle.
  • They are confident, ambitious and they believe there is nothing they cannot GenY4
  • Y’s have high expectations of the workplace, and are not afraid to look elsewhere for employment if their workplace does not meet expectations.
  • Teamwork is high on their priority list.
  • They want to be involved, want transparency and they are into communication in a big way.
  • They want to be appreciated and loved.

Gen Y

Don’t we and all our customers want to be appreciated? Take a look at the last three weeks and today’s overview of the Generations…they are all our customers!

Until Next Monday from NAR in New Orleans,

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