Generation X

Our brief look at the Generations that make up our selling and now growing more importantly, our buying consumers, continues this week with Generation X.


Gen-Xers was born between 1964 and 1980 and are often referred to as the MTV generation. They experienced music videos, hip hop, electronic and heavy metal music.  The Xers are more likely to embrace social diversity, such as race, class, etc.  This group is statistically more educated than other gerenerational groups. Gen-Xers are considered the latchkey kids: more of their parents were both working and not home as much while they were growing up.


They are less likely to marry than the Boomers but on the other hand, more religious, more self reliant and don’t necessarily care what others think of them. They consider themselves patriotic but not half as much as the Boomers.  They are often thought of as “the middle child.”  Xers are much more liberal so when the Millennials came along, they extended the word liberal.


So with this in mind and having covered three of the four major generational groups, hopefully this will help us to orient our sales towards whatever group you happen to be dealing with.

Until Next Monday…

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