Civics…The Silent Generation

This past week I was privileged to sit in on a presentation about Generational Characteristics.  We hear a lot about the aspects of history and how it makes us who we are. As REALTORS, we need to know about these aspects in order to understand our customers – what Generational Category our customers belong to. For the next 3 weeks I  will discuss each category and how a little more understanding of these categories can help us in our real estate business.

CIVICS:  No, this is not a lesson from a high school class but a Generational Category –  this category could be our parents or grandparents: anyone 69 years of age and over as of 2014.  Often referred to as the Greatest Generation or the Silent Generation – This10.13 group of people are dedicated to sacrifice and hard work.  They usually conform to the world around them and are very stable in their relationships, work ethic and have a tremendous respect for authority.  They are savers, whether it be soap, paper towels, money or their time.  They went through the depression and tend to hide cash in their homes for fear the banks might not be so secure.  They aren’t into immediate gratification but more like delayed gratification once their responsibilities were completed.  They were the backbone of our armed services and are so very proud to be Americans.  Once you understand this group, they can be very good customers but you have to earn their trust. Oh, and just a little communication tip: Civics are better with face to face than texting.

So my fellow REALTORS, this is a solid group of customers that are dependable and well-worth your time to cultivate.

 Until next Monday…

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