Trusted Advisors?

TransactionWhen I am sometimes stumped for blog ideas, I just look to transactions I have dealt with or in the process of dealing with and there are always aspects I can draw upon… sometimes it’s the transaction and other times it’s the REALTORS involved.  I know as a Transaction Broker what the duties are to both sides, however it never ceases to amaze me how some REALTORS treat their Buyers and Sellers.

I was currently involved in a transaction as the listing agent. After receiving a full priceBuyerSeller offer, some minor corrections were made, signatures and initials were completed on the Seller’s side and then it was sent back to the selling agent.  Here’s where the fun (no laughing matter) begins:   The Selling agent takes time to convey to the Buyer and tells me that there are a few small changes to the contract that Seller will have to initial, so in the meantime, the selling agent has the Buyer make application to the lender, along with application fee etc.  Now I ask you, would you have your Buyer  spend their money without a fully executed contract?  I know this sounds trivial to some people, but it conveys to me a sense of not really having their customer’s best interests at heart.  If Goldenthe Seller refused to initial the changes and decided to withdraw, which happens more often than not, the Buyer may have lost their application fee and whose fault would it have been.  Many Buyers are either first timers or have not bought or sold for some time and have forgotten the process, and they rely upon us as their trusted advisors.  Don’t we have a duty to treat our customers as we would want to be treated…just asking!

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One Response to Trusted Advisors?

  1. Ric says:

    To answer your question…Yes that have that obligation under Article 1 of the Code of Ethics. My guess is they never read it!

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