Fall is here, well maybe not the Fall many up north know, but here in South Florida, September means Fall.  It also means, license renewal and I don’t mean drivers license.

14 numberYour real estate license must be renewed every two (2) years, either by September 30th or March 31st.  It’s amazing how many people forget to renew.  Many of you say, I never got the renewal notice, well in that case it means you moved and did not notify the DBPR.  If so, you need to do that ASAP.  If not, you need 14 hours of Continuing Education.

Now you and I both know that 14 hours of Continuing3 number
Education can be done probably (if you subscribe to a school of real estate book) in an hour or so.  If it takes you longer than that, you might want to take many of the seminars that are offered all around the state, depending on where you live.  If you have taken Continuing Education by attending a class, remember 3 of the 14 hours must be in Core Law, if not you need to find a Core Law course or just opt to use a real estate school Continuing Education book.

I strongly urge anyone that is in the real estate business to continually take all the seminars that are offered through your local and/or state Association.  Laws are continually changing and we need to keep up so as to better represent our clients and our profession. Renew by September 30th…don’t let the date pass you by!

Until Next Monday…

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