To present or not to present…that is the question

9.1I received a referral the other day and these new customers had viewed a property with another agent before coming to me.  My new customers are first time home buyers and asked that if their offer was below list price, would I still submit it to the listing agent.  I was stunned for a second and then said, but of course.  I asked why would you even ask that…all offers are to be submitted.  They then relayed to me that the first agent had said that he never presents what he believes are low ball offers. Interesting!  How many of you out there have done that? We don’t have the authority to decide what to present to the owners, unless of course we happen to be the owner of record.

By presenting all offers, the Seller can always accept, counter, or flat out reject, but that is12.3.2 the Seller’s prerogative, not ours.  We, as agents, represent/work with the Seller, as a Transaction Broker (here in Florida) and it is not our decision to accept or reject which offers to present to the Owner.  Unfortunately, many agents tend to take the decision upon themselves and technically are holding themselves out as the Sellers.  Not a good position to be in and could have the makings of  great lawsuits and the possibility of losing your real estate license.  So let’s act as the professionals we are and treat both Buyers and Sellers with the utmost respect and diligence.

Until Next Monday…

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