Can you hear me now?

The subtitle for today’s post should be:  Do We Ever Just Talk Each Other Anymore?

Three weeks ago I did a  seminar for a group of Type A executives…all Type A’s.  The program was interesting to me for so many reasons.  The Type A’s just couldn’t seem to put down their Smartphones or iPads.  Their heads were bent down in what we sometimes refer to as the E-Prayer – looking down reading, texting and emailing for some urgent and not some not so urgent or even important reasons.  Not communicating does not figure into their lifestyle – it is a habit that has become a distinguishing characteristic of their lifestyle. and it extends over the generations.  Partway into my presentation, I saw a small glimmer, as if they began to listen.  Something must have struck a chord within themselves.  But even then, they could not put the handhelds down.  Don’t you know that most of these Type A’s sleep with these communication objects close by, probably because they think they would miss something, some message, some email, some text that can’t wait to be responded to until the next morning.

Be honest now, how many of us are like that? Probably more of us than we realize or want to own up to!  Our world moves so fast now, that we feel we have to keep up 24/7, otherwise we are lost.  I am not sure what we feel we are losing but we certainly act like these messages are akin to life or death.  I sometimes wonder  if we ever talk to each other anymore.  Texting and emailing are really very impersonal.  I have been in restaurants and  see families sitting at a table together but everyone there is not really there – they’re on their phones, emailing and texting.  Texting and email does not allow us to see the other person, the facial expressions or even look into their eyes, hear the feelings in their voice.  We have become an extension of our Smartphones.  They have become our identity.  Try putting the phones down for awhile and communicating the way we used to…face to face.  It is enlightening!  It is amazing what you will see and hear!  Be good to each other.

Until Next Monday…

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6 Responses to Can you hear me now?

  1. Kathy Roberts says:

    I wanted to pick up the phone and CALL you to tell you how right you are. But I would have had to look up your phone number. I even looked on your blog to see if it was there. So step #1 to leading the campaign is that we all need to be sure that our phone number is everywhere we post (blogs, websites, e-mail signatures, etc.). Look forward to seeing you next week!

  2. Ric Giumenta says:

    You are so right! I think we need an “electronic holiday”. Everyone must relinquish their electronic devices for one day! I’m not sure that some people will survive the day! (As I post this message electronically!)

  3. Nancy hogan says:

    We waste so much time …not taking time…to really engage. Great reminder Matey

  4. SanibelSusan says:

    Gee wiz, it could be hard to sleep without my phone on the nightstand. Love those 14 cell phone tips though.

  5. Guilty as charged……..liked my ‘Droid…..charging next to me as i type this……………..

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