Get Involved…Be a Mentor

Be a Mentor.  What exactly does that mean?  It means to either push someone ahead, seek out and find, or just pull someone along.  If you believe in what you do and your profession, we need to protect and nuture it.  We need to seek out other REALTORS to join in, become involved.  We need to share what we do and why we do it.  In mentoring, you will be surprised what you will find.  Many people just want to be asked to get involved.


I was asked long ago to become involved.  I said I don’t have the time nor theMentor1  inclination but did it anyway.  I have benefited from that one person in a huge way.  Then was told go out and  do the same for someone else.  Look for individuals to put forth for the betterment of our profession. My greatest success story is a young woman that I asked to get involved, and kind of pushed. She has progressed beyind my wildest expectations.  She was just waiting to be asked and literally has continually amazed me.  I have had a few more like her and many have gone on to achieve involvement like I had never seen, they were just waiting to be asked.   So it is incumbent upon us to ask, push, pull or any other way to seek out and find new talent, someone is just waiting to be asked!  Our profession will be better for it.

See you at the Florida REALTORS Conference & Trade Expo this week!

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