Communication = Retention & Referrals

7.21.3Usually when I write my blog, it is mostly about risk management:  How to stay out of trouble.  I don’t know about you but I need constant reinforcement…so when I caution you or remind you, I am reminding myself not to do something stupid.  Today is not about risk management but about retention.  No, not about your sales associates, but about your customers.  The best source of my income comes from my customer’s referrals.  I have had referrals from almost everywhere in the world.

Most of the time referrals come from constant communication with current customers,7.21.1 or customers that have bought and sold with you.  I have noticed that a lot of REALTORS, the minute the transaction closes, they forget about that customer and are looking to the next transaction.  I tell my customers, “If I have done a good job and you are completely satisfied with my service, I expect you to refer me to your friends and family, but on the other hand if you found something lacking, you need to tell me so that I may correct that aspect so that it doesn’t happen again”.  I have gotten some great advice and always made corrections.  I continually learn from my customers.

So my fellow REALTORS, communicate with your customers…                                 referrals will come your way.


Until Next Monday…

Monday Mornings With Matey

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