What Do You Say?

Today, I am turning the tables, so to speak.  I want to know what you, my readers, think.Question  As I travel around to different areas in the state and in the country, I hear all kinds of comments.  So I will start you off, but please don’t feel confined to these subjects, feel free to give my your opinion on anything you believe is coming down the road in reference to real estate, whether it is positive or negative.

  1. Disengaging REALTORS from the transaction.
  2. Aggregators like Zillow, Trulia taking over our industry.
  3. New generation would rather rent than buy.
  4. Federal government trying to kill incentives to the owning of real estate.
  5. State governments infringing on private property rights.
  6. Privileges of owning real estate.
  7. RPAC…
  8. REALTOR Profession.
  9. Continuing education.
  10. Real Estate License Laws.

I know many people read my blog, as you tell me you do, but do you have an opinion?  Now is the time, tell me what you think. What do you have to say?

Until Next Monday…

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4 Responses to What Do You Say?

  1. Philip Vias says:

    Good Morning Matey,

    Hope you and your family are well.

    Personally, I believe Zillow or trulia are not our friends. My last NAR convention, they had large space in the expo. Stupid! I’m sure that was based on NAR greed.

    I think we should work harder to keep the primary home mortgage benefits!

    Keep up the good work.

    See you at FR next month.

    Philip Vias PL, CIPS/GRI/ABR/RSPS/AHWD/TRC/e-PRO Broker/Associate 954-465-VIAS (8427) Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Florida Realty http://philipvias.com/ Global Marketing Strategist Your referral$ are appreciated! FL Realtors Association Board Member Honor Society Member of Prudential Real Estate, FL Realtors and Miami Assn. of Realtors Miami Assn. of Realtors Grievance Committee Member Licensed Community Association Manager Former Member of The Florida Bar, Seventeenth Judicial Circuit, Grievance Committee Former Global R. E. Council & Government Affairs Committee Chairman  “Nothing in this email shall be deemed to create a binding contract to purchase/sell real estate. The sender of this email does not have the authority to bind a buyer or seller to a contract via written or verbal communications including, but not limited to, email communications.”

    • We pay a lot of money, and take a lot of education to be able to call ourselves REALTOR. Having been in this business for over 30 years, it irks me to see web sites like Zillow and Trulia, trying to sell us back our data and our information. They want us to pay THEM to advertise on their web sites, and a lot of the time (Zillow especially) the data is incorrect. This is our data, a result of our hard work, our efforts, our time, and our money. Something is wrong with this picture. Why should I pay for something that already belongs to me (the REALTOR Associations) and their respective MLS programs. I sincerely wish there was something we could do legally, to prevent them (Zillow & Trulia) from participating and using our data. Then turn around and try to re-sell it to us, under the guise of advertising!

  2. Phyllis Choy says:

    Realtors who submit a contract and then almost vanish until the close date really is becoming more common than not. What can we do as professionals to ensure Realtors stay totally engaged in the transaction from start to finish…. Thanks Matey

  3. Vilma Lopez says:

    My personal intake is that lack of ethics in which the values of
    respecting the client, the colleague, as well as every field of practice in Real Estate, are placed in jeopardy by some professionals who are expected to exemplify these ideals. There is no underlying reason to behave in an unprofessional manner and to discredit the professionalism many work hard to maintain. I find also education is the great differential, but participating in events, or taking educational classes from the many ways our Associations offer, is the ideal of very few.

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