Home At Last!

I have been traveling since last Sunday.  I started in Orlando, attending a 2-day Finance meeting, then We, the entire Leadership Team, went on to District 1,  13 and 5 to attend their conferences.  This is the second group of district conferences we have attended and they are each unique to their area but all were  absolutely amazing in their content and speakers.  I am only sorry I couldn’t stay for all of the programs.  We were received with such kindness and the members were so happy we were there, that in itself made up for how tired I was when I returned home.


Believe2 Believe3

The Leadership Team is very involved in the homeless issue. We are spreading the word across Florida as the majority of homeless are under the age of 10.  Just think of all those children without a home. Did you know that most of the homeless when we walk by them are somewhat invisible to the average person.  We just don’t see them, and therefore just don’t think about it.


The face of homelessness may be familiar. It could be a third grade teacher and single mother of two who struggles with childcare costs and living expenses on a $36,000 a year salary. It could be a retired military veteran with three graduate degrees and Pentagon experience. Yet he lives out of a van.

Or it could be a nine-year-old boy who goes to school with your fourth grader. More than 63,000 students were homeless during the 2011-2012 school year, according to a Florida public schools report. As a state, we can do better for future generations of Floridians.

Click Here, you’ll find advocacy initiatives, public policy initiatives and local programs to address the homeless problem in Florida. Florida REALTORS will continually update the page with resources and information, so please keep checking back.

Until Next Monday…

Monday Mornings With Matey


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