Every Day is Mother’s Day!

Today I will depart from my usual real estate commentary and venture into human real estate: MothersMothers come in all shapes and sizes. Many are our biological Mothers, they raised us from birth, those we know, cherish and love. But there are other Mothers that we all have.  Mothers that worry about us, care and love us, they are not our biological Mothers…but our Mothers just the same.

veissi family

I have 2 biological sons: Mallory and Maurice. But I have another that is just as important: Miguel. So when I am asked how many children I have, I always answer 3 sons. As I go through my married life, my husband Maurice, is somewhat considered a son, albiet my husband, as I know, cherish, love and worry about as the other three.  Across the countryBack Camera in my travels, I have adopted more sons, one from California, Dick; one from Texas, Charles; and one from Ft.Lauderdale, Tommy.  I love, cherish and worry as much about these three, as I do the original three.  Now when I am asked, I always answer: seven sons.  So don’t forget those Mothers, that love you, care about you as much as your biological Mothers.  We are privileged to have all of them. This commentary comes from a blog that I dearly love and made me think about other types of Mothers and that is Dante Dairies. A tiny 5 lb. bit of fluff  and stuff  named Dante made me think of all Mothers today!

Until Next Monday…


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