Commit…or should I say commitment?

For many of us, commitment is a term that means permanent, long time, forever. But think of it in another way: consistency.  When we bring a child into the world, we try to be consistent in their upbringing and they eventually (hopefully) leave us as they enter into the adult world. When we obtain a new client or customer, we commit to them for the duration of their search for a sale or a buy in our real estate world, and if we remain consistent in our contact with them, they will be ours for life.  If we develop a bad habit and want to erase that habit, we need consistency in behavior or we will never accomplish our goal.


So commitment, consistency is the key to transforming a child to an adult, a client into a life-long relationship and the ability to transform ourselves, personally and professionally.

Be good to each other. Commit and be Consistent. Be REALTORS.

Until Next Monday…

Monday Mornings With Matey


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