Proactive vs Reactive Management

reactive2Reactive or Proactive – Which are you?  A situation arises and you immediately react without thinking…Not so good…unless it is an emergency in which case you need to react quickly.  In business however, thinking before you act allows you to develop several alternative scenarios.  Good management skills require proactive thinking, searching for ways to better your agents, your yourself and the results for customers.  Many people manage by the seat of their pants so to speak, they just don’t think about what will come next or the effect of their actions.  Ultimately, as this type of management style fails, you could lose agents, listings and your business credibility.

Stephen Covey has a great book on management styles and effectiveness – Stephen Coveysc says you have to know yourself before you can begin to know and manage someone else. Not an easy job!

So which are you? Reactive or Proactive?


Until Next Monday…

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