Miracles Do Happen

MiraclesMiracles. When we think of this word, we often think of some amazing, stupendous achievement or death-defying act, or some such thing or action.  But miracles do happen everyday in our lives and in the lives of others.  We make miracles every day.  How, you say, I just lead an ordinary life?  It is a miracle that we wake up everyday. That we have a profession that allows us to help others find a home, an office building, a piece of land to build upon.  We create miracles in our community – volunteering to help out – donating our time and efforts…most of the time as unsung heroes.  I know we don’t think of our daily lives in that fashion.  Because it is not a “miraculous” event or events, it is just daily living.  But in living our daily lives, we create miracles for families, communities and beyond.

So my fellow REALTORS…we all make miracles in our own way…every day.

Until Next Monday…

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