Realtor Advocacy

Great American REALTOR Days, affectionally known as GARD, was amazing!  President Sherri Meadows, inclusive in her year, met with various groups prior to GARD inGARD Tallahassee.  The more REALTOR groups involved, the greater our influence is in the state Capitol.  Governor Scott held a reception for the REALTORS in the Governor’s mansion, and it was truly just for REALTORS, regardless if you were a $25 RPAC contributor or a Hall of Famer – if you signed up in time, you were on the list.  Two hundred and fifty REALTORS were fortunate to meet the Governor and he took pictures with everyone.


Realtors were everywhere – visiting their legislators, pushing and discussing our agendaGARD for private property rights and the economy of  Florida.  REALTORS are well known in Tallahassee and what an amazing day it was.  President Sherri rode in on a Harley driven by Mike McGraw to publicize our Raffle for RPAC.  Buy a $100 ticket to win a Harley and ALL the money goes to RPAC and your local Association gets the credit along with yourself….How can you lose?

Our Block Party was a great success and many first-time REALTORS have promised they will be back.  Our profession needs to be there every year and in the face of our governing officials – without our input, we will have to accept whatever comes down the pike and I for one, want to invest my money, time and effort – this is My Business and My Profession.  Make it yours to0!



Until Next Monday…

Monday Mornings With Matey

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