Cover Your Assets #2


Last week, I spoke about several issues that confront us REALTORS as we go through our daily business and how important it is to CYA – Cover Your Assets.  This week I texted a client to ask him to renew his listing with me for 6 more months. He replied back: no textproblem.  As I went through the week, I started thinking that in my hurry, I accepted his text but had nothing for my file indicating I had his permission.  So, I emailed him and asked him to confirm via email, so that I could print it out for my file.  Later I realized that you can email yourself the text, nevertheless, make sure you are able to save the information so as to CYA. (Obviously, I am technologically challenged!)Our lives just fly by us and technology saves us a tremendous amount of time, but make sure that in that time, we are protecting ourselves.

disAnother small point, but an important one: When we buy and sell real estate for ourselves, we must disclose the fact that we are a real estate licensee, and if we have clients that are licensed, whether they are active or inactive, that must also be disclosed.


As we start another week my fellow REALTORS, remember…let’s be good to each other.

Until Next Monday…

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