Two Little Words That Mean So Much!

Thank You.   Two little words that can mean so much but have been severely watered down to a point where their real meaning has been lost.  What do these two little words really mean?  In our everyday life we ask someone a question and when they respond with an answer we reply back with  Thank You.  It doesn’t even matter if you like the answer, the words Thank You come out automatically like you’re returning a tennis volley. In many circles, its even considered rude to not say Thank You.

Thank You is defined as a “conversational form of expressing gratitude”. Essentially, it means that if you’re happy with the service rendered, you express your gratitude by using the words “Thank You”. It isn’t meant to be as a reply to an answer, or a way to finish of a conversation. It is a way to express your gratitude.

Thank You 2The Association staff, that’s where Thank You comes in…BIG time!  As I have travelled, I have watched executive officers and their staff work hard for their membership.  “They get paid to do that”…that’s what I hear so many say!  Yes, they do get paid, but they go far, far beyond the call of duty.  They put up with us, our questions, our problems, our concerns, our anger sometimes and our sorrows and they are always there for us.  My own Association – I could not do without any of them, from my CEO, COO on down.  They help me, they boost me when I need it, they develop education when I need to learn, they let me know (nicely) when I do something really dumb, keep me out of trouble and most importantly: they are like my family.  I could say Thank You a million times and it is not even close to being enough!  So next time you are at your Association, or talking with your Association staff, don’t forget to say Thank You!  Two little words that go a long, long way.

To the readers of Monday Mornings With MateyThank You for taking time out of your day to read my blog, Thank You for  sending me your thoughts and comments…Thank You for your kind and encouraging words of support…Thank You  for being Florida REALTORS.

                                  Until Next Monday…

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One Response to Two Little Words That Mean So Much!

  1. Don Asher says:

    Thank You Matey for your dedication & service to FR and NAR

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