Are You Successful?

2014 is here.  As I reorganize my office, my schedule and literally, my life, I came across an interesting article, a diagram of successful people and their aspects, traits, and attitudes. I thought I would share it here on my blog:Successful PeopleInteresting list, as I read over it.  It makes you think and immediately begin to classify yourself to see if you fit into all the categories.  Some are second nature and there are some that take work, or as I like to say…I am a work in progress.  Where do you fit in?

Remember as we start into the new year, let’s be good to each other…                           Let’s be REALTORS!

Until next Monday,

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One Response to Are You Successful?

  1. David H. Brewer says:

    Thank you, Matey.

    My regards,


    David H. Brewer, Realtor

    Brewer, Sahm & Webb, Inc.

    Realtors & Appraisers

    1620 Wallace Avenue

    Bartow, Florida 33830

    O# 863-534-1774

    C# 863-944-7197


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