How often do we use the one-letter word?

Most of the time, we don’t think about the pronouns we use…like the one letter word: I. Interestingly, the Wall Street Journal published an article about the use of this pronoun.


Research says that people who use the word “I” more often, are less powerful, and less I3secure than those who use it less often.  I is a powerful word and we had originally thought that those of us that use “I” more often are considered to be powerful, have higher status than those that use it less often.  This is believed to be wrong and that the powerful person tends to be looking out at the world and the lower status person is always looking to themselves.

I2Another thought about that one-letter word: I ….People that want to hide something will use I less often.  Psychologists studied various terrorists, criminals, etc. and concluded, the word “I” was used frequently but as the individuals got closer to the act or acts they were going to commit, the word “I” was used less often, and so conclusion was drawn that they began to hide what they were doing, from themselves and others.

Research concluded that you should look to your use of the word to see yourself as in a reflective aspect, as to how are you doing in relation to others.  So take a few moments to listen, really listen to yourself when you talk to others…how’s your usage of that one-letter word: I?


Until next Monday…

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