A New Beginning

What you say?  Did I run away?  Did I  leave my family, my friends, my office?


The Florida REALTORS is planning for a new year.  Now this is not to say that this year was not successful!  President Dean has accomplished much this year: the Rally in Tally where a very deserving family was given their first home filled with furniture.  That in itself was truly amazing, the American dream that came to life!  Legislative connections were made and enhanced as the Leadership team under President Dean flourished and of course with the help of our Management team and staff at our Association.  The staff is our continual, amazing support, which we could not do without.


Now we begin to plan under the new incoming Leadership Team.  Each year, we build on the accomplishments of the past leadership, for without them, we could not reach to new heights each year.  President-Elect Sherri  Meadows will be welcoming her new group this coming week to Orlando, where they will begin to build and develop new areas and territories to make next year even better than this year.

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And so my fellow REALTORS, I am looking forward to being challenged and pushed to even greater heights than this year.  As I look back to all our previous leadership of our Association, I am proud to continue this road that many have gone before me and only hope that I can be as productive as they have been in carrying forth the legacy.

Let’s be good to each other…let’s be REALTORS!

Until next Monday…

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2 Responses to A New Beginning

  1. David Brewer says:

    We Florida Realtors are fortunate to have you in a leadership position. I am especially pleased.

    My regards,


    David H. Brewer, Realtor

    Brewer, Sahm & Webb, Inc.

    Realtors & Appraisers

    1620 Wallace Avenue

    Bartow, Florida 33830

    O# 863-534-1774

    C# 863-944-7197



    • Matey Veissi says:

      Thank you

      Matey H Veissi,CRS,CIPS Veissi & Associates,Inc. 7800 Red Road,Ste. 301 Miami, Florida 33143 305 665 9299 Sent from my iPhone

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