What Price Experience?

Experience means many things to many people.  I ran across an article in the Wall Moe & Matey 1980sStreet Journal that discussed the price of experience in  the real estate profession.  As I read the article, I recalled when I first started in real estate.  I had no clue, so I went from seminar to class after class to learn all I could.  Of course the first year I could have starved on my commissions, thank God for my husband. Little did I realize that the more I sold, the more experience I got.  But then who thinks about that, you are just so busy working.

Veteran BenefitThe article speaks to experience in real estate, and puts the price of experience at about $25,000 for the average home.  If you look at the stats, many agents don’t renew their license after 2 years, they aren’t making the money they thought they would.  Persistence and more importantly experience is the answer.  Veteran agents, or those licensed for more than 5 years make consistently more than the agents licensed for less years.  These stats come from a report or study done that was published in  the Journal of Housing Research in May of 2012.  Veteran agents sell listings more quickly, and for more money.  Veteran agents are more likely to continually attend education courses on the changing marketplace.  The more you know you learn…the more you earn!.

In travelling the state of Florida as I campaigned this past year, I learned an amazing amount from my fellow REALTORS.  It was like going to class all over the state.  Each area of Florida does business but their marketing efforts, advertising and social media are all different.  The two recognizable traits are persistence and experience…age did not enter into it.

Never quit

So my Fellow REALTORS, never quit, always keep learning and be good to each other!

Until Next Monday…

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3 Responses to What Price Experience?

  1. elizabethruvo@allfloridarealty.com says:

    This was great.  Thank you, Matey!



    Elizabeth Ruvo, BA, CRB Broker Associate/Director of Sales Administration Real Living All Florida Realty Florida CRB Chapter – Vice President 772-335-1995 http://www.AllFloridaRealty.com http://www.ElizabethRuvo.com http://www.Facebook.com/AllFloridaRealty http://www.FloridaCRB.com  

  2. David H. Brewer says:

    Good Morning Matey,

    At the end of the school year in 1971, I left teaching to become a full-time Realtor. Among the several reasons why I changed professions was the thought that now, I would get paid what I was really worth. At the end of my first year as a Realtor, I discovered that I had been overpaid as a teacher! Yet, here I am, 41 years later, still a full-time Realtor with no intentions to retire in the foreseeable future.

    As always, thank you for your note this morning.

    My regards,


    David H. Brewer, Realtor

    Brewer, Sahm & Webb, Inc.

    Realtors & Appraisers

    1620 Wallace Avenue

    Bartow, Florida 33830

    O# 863-534-1774

    C# 863-944-7197



  3. SanibelSusan says:

    Love the photo of you & Moe!

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