How’s Your Posture?

Before you think I am nuts, or a little crazy, answer the question in your mind: How’s your posture?  As I was reading the Wall Street journal last week, there was an article on posture or what the Journal called a Powerful Pose.  How you stand or sit can be linked to your success.  How so you ask?


When you assume a powerful pose, such as sitting close to the table and placing your hands on the table in a relaxed position, leaning into the table this type of pose reflects control and confidence.  Sometimes in a meeting, standing while speaking lends itself to a position of power.  While in a position of power, you are less likely to be generating a stressful condition in your body.   Ever notice someone sitting back in their chair with their arm over the back of the chair beside them? This is a position of confidence and control.  The physiological changes in our bodies are linked to better performance and more assertive behavior.  Amazing, until I read the article, it never dawned on me that the way we sit or stand can be linked to performance and less stress.

Until next week, take control and let’s be good to each other…let’s be REALTORS


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