Real Estate and Advocacy

If real estate is your business and profession, then Advocacy goes hand and hand.  What is advocacy exactly?  It is the support of a cause.  A cause that along with the real estate industry, is what we, REALTORS® support.


Interestingly enough, many areas of the state in my travels, brought up the aspect of advocacy.  We ,as REALTORS®, fund political advocacy, as part of our business plans.  Private property rights are a great part of our political agenda.  If our property rights are in jeopardy, our homes, our business, our profession, our clients and customers are impacted in a major way.  Our entire culture as the American way of life is in jeopardy.  So as REALTORS®, we are totally immersed in advocacy.


In RPAC (REALTORS®  Political Action Committee) we have Golden R, Sterling, Crystal, Capitol Club –  all names for those giving more than $25.  It would be so much simpler if we all just gave $25, then all the metal, crystal etc., go away and we would have so much more in our advocacy fund to stave off the assaults on our profession and our homes.  Isn’t it so much easier and cheaper if we all pooled our resources together?

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