It’s never too late to start

The date today is July 15, 2013.  We are over half of the way through the year – there are 169 days remaining in 2013.  So where are you according to your business plan and goals that you set for the year back in Jan 1, 2013?   Are you on track?  Are you behind?7.15  Or are you like some and you completely forgot where you are going, what you are doing and not sure where you are?  You are not alone.  I would venture to say at some point in time, we are all in one of those categories or the other.  We lose track of what we are doing.  We all know we are in the business of selling real estate.  But that is all some of us remember.  As we go through life, we forget our goals, objectives and just go with the flow.  It’s so much easier that way, right?  NOT…as my sons say!

7.15.1You need a plan and it is never too late to formulate one.  Where do you want to be? Where do you want to go?  How are you going to get there?  You need to sit down and decide.  Life is not lived by the seat of your pants, although some would say it’s the way to go.  If you are in business, it’s NOT the way to go or you will be out the door quickly.  You need a plan to achieve whatever goals you want to achieve.  So my fellow REALTORS…get moving: It is never too late to start.  Get moving and don’t forget…

Let’s be good to each other let’s be REALTORS!

Until Next Monday…

Monday Mornings With Matey

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