Remember…past and present

Flag and MoonToday is Memorial Day. It is a day that we remember, all those that have given their lives so that we could celebrate today in freedom. We remember those that have served our country and returned, in whole or in part, physically and mentally.  We remember them in our hearts and in our prayers.

We do what we do every day because those who have gone before us,  those who are among us, have enabled us to do what we do because of their sacrifice.   They have left their families, Flag in cemetaryfriends and loved ones to do what they believe is their duty.  Many of us cannot comprehend what they went through, and many of us may not have had the courage to do what they did.  But we remember them, past and present for all that they have done and continue to do, so that we can do what we do.   So remember today  and every day to be thankful for those in the armed service to our country.

Let’s be good to one another…Let’s be REALTORS®

until next Monday…

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One Response to Remember…past and present

  1. David H. Brewer says:

    Thank you for today’s note. The following is a note that I sent to a few of friends and relatives and I thought that you might like to read it. Just my thoughts on Memorial Day, 2013.

    My regards,


    David H. Brewer, Realtor

    Brewer, Sahm & Webb, Inc.

    Realtors & Appraisers

    1620 Wallace Avenue

    Bartow, Florida 33830

    O# 863-534-1774

    C# 863-944-7197


    Memorial Day, 2013.

    My Flag went up yesterday and I will proudly fly it until sundown on next Friday, May 31, the day that I consider to be the true Memorial Day. I know that folks like to have their three day weekends but once in a while, it seems to me that the meaning of the holiday should outweigh a three day vacation.

    Several days ago, my good friend and SI classmate, Barbara, reminded me that many of us whose families have lived in the South for more than a hundred years have reason to memorialize those who served and did not return from what the Ladies in Charleston referred to as “The Late Unpleasantness”. On this Memorial Day, I would like to remember all of the wives and mothers that have had to wait for and dread the word that their sons or husbands had given their greatest measure for their Country and family. These days, mothers are forced to also worry about their daughters.

    As with most mothers, my mother never fully recovered from the loss of her first-born son in 1953. Lately, I have been thinking about Amanda, my Great-Great-Grandmother. In 1861, she watched her two oldest sons, James and Jesse, and my Great-Great-Grandfather, Septimus, go off to war. Before 1862, both sons would be buried in the family cemetery and in late June, 1863, her next two sons would follow Bobby Lee to a small town in Pennsylvania. William would be so severely wounded that he would be sent home to Georgia to heal before returning to active duty. He and his younger brother, Thomas, would spend part of 1864 and 1865 trying to stop Sherman’s army and would finally surrender with the rest of Johnston’s Army of Tennessee at Bentonville, North Carolina, in the late Spring of 1865 . All through those incredibly difficult years, all Amanda could do was try to keep the farm functioning and wait. It must have been a horrific time. Frankly, I do not believe that I could have coped had I been in her shoes.

    In World War II, they were called Gold Star Mothers because when the sad news came, she would put a Gold Star in her window so the world would know of her sacrifice. May God bless all of the Gold Star Mothers on this Memorial Day.

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