Proud.  Great American REALTOR Days: as I left Tallahassee last week, I thought back to the two jam-packed days we REALTORS spent in our state’s capitol:  It really was an amazing time!


Proud.  All of our legislators were visited by REALTORS from all over the state of Florida.  From the Panhandle to the Keys, from the West Coast to the East Coast and every area in between, REALTORS stated our positions over and over again – we were heard.  Many thanks for all the local GADs and the Florida REALTORS staff who outdid themselves to make Great American REALTOR Days a very positive, effective and beneficial experience.


Proud.  Starting with the Public Policy meeting to the Block party to the Rally itself –  our Florida REALTORS made themselves heard.  The crowning touch to the  trip was the Rally – The Rally in Tally.


Proud.  From the patriotic songs to Matt Hudson – a fellow REALTOR and our Master of Ceremonies – to the surprise of the day, we were REALTORS united, we were REALTORS filled with pride for our profession.


Proud. And then President Dean Asher revealed the big surprise: the presentation of a home to the Sgt. Burke and his family – there was not a dry eye in the place.  We learned that Sgt. Burke was wounded shortly after arriving in the Middle East and that he could have been sent home but requested,, and was allowed to return to active duty.  Soon after, his earlier injuries caused him to be discharged.  For his bravery and dedication to his country, he was awarded the Purple Heart.  Sgt. Burke is a true American hero.  The big surprise:  Our Florida REALTOR family along with Chase presented the Burke family with home – a free and clear  – no mortgage!  To top it all off the Florida Senate gave a big shout out to Sgt Burke and his family as they acknowledged the Rally in the courtyard.


Proud.  The Rally in Tally was truly a Rally for Homeownership!

Until Next Monday…

Monday Mornings With Matey

Special thanks to Maia Wells and Cassandra Bersach and REALTORS across Florida for sharing photos

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