Pass The Stick!

10.29.1Have you ever had a conversation with someone and while they are talking, you are forming your answer in your mind and you are really not listening to them?  Have you had a disagreement with someone – family member, friend, customer – and the two of you are arguing and neither one of you is really listening to the other?

I have and continue to do it all the time even when I know I shouldn’t!  Well, the other day I came across Steven Coveyan interesting concept on YouTube: The Talking Stick.  It is a concept promulgated by Stephen Covey.  If you are arguing with someone – pass them the talking stick.  It can be a pencil, a pen, a stick from outside or anything to represent the Talking Stick.   Who ever holds the stick gets to talk and the other does not –  the other person must listen and not say a word.  As soon as the person with the stick feels that they have made themselves understood, the stick is then passed to the other and the same rules apply.  The stick is passed back and forth until both understand each other.

Realize that the Talking Stick is symbolic of being able to listen to the other side and then being able to answer.  Try it.  It is amazing how many arguments and misunderstandings can be resolved with something like the Talking Stick.

Let’s be good to each other…Let’s be REALTORS

Until next Monday…

Monday Mornings With Matey

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5 Responses to Pass The Stick!

  1. I had the extremes pleasure of taking Stephen’s course, 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. It was intensive two days of eye opening sessions. You send out an assessment to friends and your boss prior to the course. As a gift, we received a talking stick. It has come in handy believe me! Still working on Habit 1…being proactive. Having lunch with my ‘table mates’ this week to check on our accountability. Good stuff! Thanks for this post, Matey!

  2. Bob Willmarth says:

    Great concept, but perhaps talking token – stick may compell speaker to feel the urge to pound home his/her point!

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