What’s UP?

up arrowJust in case you haven’t read or heard the news: Employment is Up! Why? Because Housing/Real Estate is Up.  No doubt about it: when people buy real estate – whether it is single family, condos, commercial – the economy improves.  They buy furniture, they buy paint, they buy appliances and a myriad of other necessary items. This all produces jobs, in one form or another.  This is something we all know, but did you know the social benefits of the home ownership?

  • Higher student test scores
  • civic participation in neighborhoods, communities, state and national issues
  • lower teenage delinquencies
  • better physical and psychological health
  • increased charitable activity
  • higher wealth gain (other than the bubble/bust housing years)
  • more likely to maintain their homes
  • general increase in positive outlook to life
  • higher high school graduation rate thereby higher earnings
  • greater attachment to neighborhood and neighbors
  • there is so much more but I am not sure I have the room to list them all

For many years, we have been aware of the economic benefits of home ownership. Now after many studies, we are aware of the social benefits.

This is our industry….this is what we do every day – real estate.

I, for one, am proud to be a REALTOR.

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