Meaningful Specific?

GoalsLast week I started talking about goals.  I thought I would continue this week – maybe because I need to hear it too. Hopefully it will help all of us.

Most of us are afraid to set goals.  We are afraid we can’t achieve what we set out to do. We are afraid because our self-image is one of negativism or we are just not so positive about ourselves.  And last, but certainly not least, some of us just don’t know how to go about it.  In looking at these reasons, we are wasting our most precious resource: ourselves.

Goals are good for individuals, families, businesses and even nations and countries.
 Goals help us to develop not just a standard of living but a quality of life.

So how do we start?  First we need to spell out our goals.  What is our target?  It needs to12.3.2 be written down.  We need to be able to see it.  We need to describe what our goals are.  Then we need to see what the obstacles are for achieving those goals.  What do we need to know in order to achieve them?  What people or groups do we need to explore, know and find out to achieve those goals?  We then need a plan of action.  How are we going to get there?  And finally a date for achieving our goals.  If this is all done correctly, it can take up to 30-40 hours to develop our goals and the entire plan.  If done correctly it will take time, and require a tremendous amount of thought. This is not something that is taken lightly.  This is a full fledged action plan, written down and followed.  Once you have done the entire process you will work more effectively, spend family time more effectively and generally be a more productive individual. You will utilize the most precious resource we have: ourselves.

Hopefully this has helped you. I know it helps me just to write this blog as it makes me think of what I need to do.

Today’s reminder: Treat each other as you want to be treated and we will make our world a better place!

Until next Monday…

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