Go West Young Man/Woman,Go West!

There is truly such a thing called balance. There is balance in nature and in life, unfortunately we, in this crazy world do not know balance, especially those of us in the real estate industry. What balance? Work is all we know. We work for $$$$for our family and many times they would rather see us not the $$$$.
My sister and her husband rent a place in Tucson Arizona and are always asking me to come and visit….Soooooo as you read this I will be out in Tucson…visiting.
Now I tend to be a control freak, so for me to leave my work, clients etc. takes a great deal of effort. So I left my pending files,clients,home, mother, sons,dogs and car to my poor husband. Lord help me, I am not sure what I will find when I get home. Oh well if he can survive NAR he can survive what I left him with, although I left notes a mile long so he will remember what to do when.
So I am trying for a little balance, hopefully I might find a little. You should too, you will feel better for it, and your business will too!!! Balance is a good thing!!!

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