Are We There Yet?

10.29.1Remember the question that was asked two weeks ago: Why Should I go?   The Florida REALTORS® meetings are only 3 days away.  Hopefully you read my previous blog and have decided to attend.  Need more reasons?  Read on…

There are all kinds of wonderful things to learn.  ReThink FR logo2(instead of Strategic Planning), CRSP-12 classes (the new FR contract), 59 and 1/2 minutes (what’s in store this year with our new FR President), Risk Management meetings (to keep you out of trouble), Education classes (all planned to educate, entertain and help you in your business) and of course, networking, networking and more networking.

realtorlogoEveryone knows that you have to invest in your business if you want it to grow. I would argue that relationship building is part of that investment if not the most important. My family of REALTOR® friends have helped me on so many occasions – even when I was least expecting it. We share ideas, are always there to help each other, and often share business with each other as well.  So, in my opinion, business planning for 2013 should include attending the Florida REALTORS® Mid-Winter meetings.  When you do, come with an open mind, bring lots of business cards, introduce yourself to as many people as possible, and most of all have fun!

All right REALTORS®, I look forward to seeing you there and on your drive up to Orlando, ask the age old question: Are We There Yet? Almost!

Until Next Monday…

Monday Mornings With Matey

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