Football is like Real Estate – who knew?

Football1A fellow REALTOR® called me today to ask about one of my listings and as we discussed the property, he heard the football game in the background.  He asked “why you are watching football and I am working?”  I replied “I’m doing real estate…Football and Real Estate go hand and hand”.  At that point he got very confused and asked me to explain.

To be a great football player, you need to learn the basics of the game and then you need Football2to practice, practice, practice.  Famed Coach Vince Lombardi made his teams practice over and over and over again. Practice makes perfect. In Real Estate, rules and laws  change and then we have to change to accommodate those laws and rules and then we practice and practice and practice some more.  New technology comes in and we need to learn to better our business.  Real Estate or Football…the execution is the same: practice makes perfect.


I remember when I wrote my first contract.  I really had no idea what I was doing.  When I finally became proficient…the rules changed and I needed to learn all over again.  It was all the little changes.  Practice over and over again until you become as close to perfect as humanly possible. And then learn new ideas, new technology and practice all over again.  That is what makes football MVPs  or successful REALTORS®.  All the great sports figures practice all year long and so should we.   Constantly learning, practicing and adding new ideas to our listings, open houses, resumes and more.  If we stop, we no longer will be at the top of our game. So, you see, football is very much like real estate…who knew?

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One Response to Football is like Real Estate – who knew?

  1. Nancy Hogan says:

    Once I had a sales meeting and invited the entire office to go see the movie “Rudy” – it was about a guy that wanted to play for Notre Dame – lot of real estate lessons in that football movie too.

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