…with Kindness

The Holidays are upon us.  Whatever holiday you choose to celebrate, please keep all of us in mind.  No matter your religion, faith or chosen path of worship…we are all together.  We need to be a kinder, gentler nation of people.  We need to love and respect each other.

                     Pay It Forward.

KindnessPractice Random Acts of Kindness.

Look For The Goodness In Others.

We are so busy these days, running our business, daily chores, same old, same old.  While  in that same old realm, look for the goodness in others.  A smile and a thank-you go a long way – it is amazing what response you will get.  It is in Random Acts of Kindness that the true spirit of the holidays will shine and carry you through the new year.  What an amazing way to start 2013…with Kindness.

So to all of you that read or subscribe to my blog…what a great year 2012 has been….yes there was sadness but there was also joy.   Out of every rain storm, there is a beautiful rainbow…so may your year be filled with rainbows..and very few storms.

Until next Monday…Monday Mornings With Matey

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